I am a documentary filmmaker,

writer, producer and life explorer

Olga Melnikova
Founder of CREA Promotion


My Values

My mission as a film professional is to help others to profoundly enhance their lives through filmmaking, video art performances, composing music, culture development and storytelling.

It was always a question since my early career how to combine art, moving visual images, creativity and entrepreneurship in arts. The answer came along with life's journey, passion towards visual world, music and dramatic art, a reflection of important themes in own films.

The times we live in now force us to make strong and certain decisions towards integrity collaboration with passion-driven professionals. It's time to come together and create extraordinary projects.

We work with partners and clients worldwide, flexible to travel for project reasons, create, develop and explore together.

CREA Promotion

An international culture & creative agency, attracting people with diverse skills and perspectives coming together to create extraordinary projects reaching out different audience groups and meeting their expectations.

Since 2015 it is famous for event management and organization of film festivals, special film screenings and multiple cultural events. Exploring the tendencies in the creative and business worlds we have added brand video development as a special service of the company.

Brand Video

Your brand is who you are — Brand Video Production — it's your brand's heartbeat distilled in a short, yet powerful message that grabs attention and invokes action. The video's message and style will vary. A brand video can be a corporate video, a documentary style video, or many other forms. Translate your values and your value to your audience and entertain them. We live in a world where if you want to be remembered, you must be unique and memorable.

Collaboration Reviews
"I’ve been working with Olga for quite some time and got to know her as a talented filmmaker for our International Cell Phone Cinema Competitions at the Marche du Film- Cannes. She won a 2nd prize at GSFA this year. She is also an excellent writer of important international documentary projects. Based on my experiences, I highly recommend Olga Melnikova in our field of Film, Television and New Media!"

Karl Bardosh

Associate Arts Professor at Kanbar Institute of Film & Television, New York
"Olga Melnikova is a consummate artist, her sensitivity in spearheading new talent and utilizing established artists is unparalleled. I enjoy working with Olga on creative impulses that come out of conversations and goals we share. She is a woman of many talents and in this world at this time in space, her talent, expertise, and knowledge of a wide range of arts are imperative."
Stacy Thunes
Actress, singer, producer, Germany
"Olga always amazed me with her art business insight and original approaches to solving problems. Proactive, ambitious, dedicated and broad-minded professional. Olga provided outstanding results for my collaboration with CREA Promotion. Is always capable of adapting to new working circumstances—very positive attitude towards work."
Zane Matesoviča
Director at British Council Latvia
It was a great pleasure co-operating with Olga . She is a highly intelligent creative person and organised at the same time, keeping calm in whatever happens, encouraging to take risks and be ambitious. She has a caring and very positive character. Lovely to work with her!"

Lelda Ozola

Creative Europe Desk
Olga Melnikova is a highly competent creative artist on an international level in many fields, including producing, directing and performing in videos and public events."
Robert Carl Cohen
Awarded film-maker and owner at Radical Films, Los Angeles
Let's Create Together!
Olga Melnikova

Filmmaker/ writer/ producer

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