Conscious ideas are
in conscious thinking

“The world is never the same again. You don’t need an officially big project in order to get a very big opportunity. It’s about…Passion, Imagination & Persistence. These three ingredients are sufficient to build a successful working model in the creative business. And of course your team – is the soul of everything. It’s a true gift to surround yourself with like-minded people. Therefore, you can achieve nearly impossible together and implement powerful ideas in the society you are leaving in”
Olga Melnikova
Founder of
CREA Promotion
Video Production
The Blue Ocean strategy in our company is the union of company’s values through a creative vision and power of art world. We believe in powerful stories, storytelling itself, the beauty of the cinema world, the significance of the music and creative world as a true tool to speak to your audience.

Event Management,
Marketing & Communication

Promotion of 9 times National awarded feature film “What Silent Gerda knows”, short video interviews production with film team, Riga, 2020
Workshop with academy-awarded film maker and prof. Karl Bardosh from NY in Riga, 2020
Russian Theatre broadcast via cinema in cooperation with Stage Russia HD in Riga, Latvia, 2019 -2020
Management of Weinberg Project by Gidon Kremer “Chronicle of Current Events”, cooperation with chamber orchestra Kremerata Baltica, Riga, Moscow, 2019
Media art exhibition opening “From Malevich to Kandinsky”, cooperation with Digital Art House, Riga, 2019
About Our Team
Our team consist of filmmaking team, PR professionals, digital advertising consultants, media coordinators, social media creators, new media professionals, designers, programmers, photographers and artists, fundraisers, creative minds and business mentors.

Sourcing the most innovative and dynamic ways of cultural exchange, brand development, storytelling and visual positioning, we each act as an executive producer of our professional field, taking serious responsibility of implemented work. Our integrated approach offers clients the opportunity to find a real audience through professional skills, storytelling, inspiring visual content, bespoke online platforms and unique live events.
Let's Create Together!
Olga Melnikova

Filmmaker/ writer/ producer

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