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Publication of incredible book by American author Kevin Casebier

We are glad to announce the publication of incredible book by American author and our dear partner Kevin Casebier from Atlanta, USA.

Kevin Casebier, author of the King of Thieves, is a film producer, Honorary Consul and amateur historian born with a case of wanderlust. The only thing he likes as much as an adventure is a good story about one. He is a direct descendant of the Kasebier family featured in the book. Kevin has traveled extensively throughout Europe, learning about its history, and walking the paths of the characters.

The author of the book discovered the fascinating life of Christian Kasebier through years of genealogical research. Christian was an ambitious young tailor who fled his family's business in search of a better life. As his dramatic journey unfolds, he becomes the King of Thieves aka Prussian Robin Hood, the cunning leader of a band of highwaymen. His rise to power, fame and fortune eventually comes to an end when he's sentenced to life in prison, however, after a remarkable turn of events he is freed but at a cost. Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, is embroiled in a war with Austria and needs the resourceful master thief to infiltrate the besieged city of Prague before the Austrian troops arrive. The King offers the legendary master of disguise a full pardon in exchange for spying on the Austrians but Christian soon discovers his King has no interest in keeping his word. What ensues is a battle of wits and survival.

You can find book here